seven days NYCissä

07/05/2012, 20:27 pm | Written by

Day one NYCissä: old favorite jeans Inches 30 "tear the branches as soon as we got to accommodation.

Day 2 to 6 NYCissä: om-nom-nom and the glug-glug-glug.

Day Seven NYCissä: buy new jeans Inches 34 ".

Thank you New York, thanks to the Self Edge . I love you guys.

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3 comments »" seven days NYCissä "

  1. Avatar Riku
    8.5.2012, 21:03


    whether it is a 3Sixteen + - jeans, or "unsanforized" when you first set your pants bathe. Farkkufriikkinä would be great to visit SelfEdgessa, I guess even that moment still sometimes try, when a little kid growing (both accessible again raised up =)).

    I myself was in the autumn of 3Sixteen pants strong candidate, when I think of the followers of the APC petit standards. However, I ordered the Rogue Territory jeans (SK model), which I have been very satisfied. Later came the taste in the evening also Baldwin Denim "Henley" - jeans, but they are not formed as favorites. I think in the States Raw Denim culture to be pretty strong at the moment of the present?

    Finally, congratulations to further fine new jeans and a good spring afterparty.

  2. Avatar Miika
    09.05.2012, 10:00

    Hah, similar pictures from last summer in my album. Must hotlasiivojat wonder where every room has a pair of jeans for a swim in the bathtub. In fact, I bought jeans Blue In Green. I asked could succeed in connection with the acquisition also brings much-important chain stitch -lahkeisiin, if I could get a pair of jeans a little shrunk at the hotel. The guy parted the back room of the veil and there rested höyryökoneaikainen sewing machine which stated that will work, they conspire with similar jeans sewn Samura has.

    The shocking to come back there whooping these photos, I will not trip the previous years have not yet all. Maybe next time also had time to Self Edge.

  3. Avatar jan
    10.5.2012, 21:34

    Riku, ten points and the parrot character - to correctly identify the pants! Self Edge to recommend, there only when the brood allows! Eipä has never been so painless to buy a pair of jeans, ..

    These were my followers APC Petit Standard - this is between the other was not, but these are really potential. I watched the moving others to 3Sixteenin jeans, which own my size was out of stock, but now apparently successful e-mail subscription, you had enough known. We call this service and genuine expertise .. So there, but as long as joudat! Good spring afterparty!

    Micah, hahaa, this time we did not have hotellisiivoojaa by soaking them in a confusing - pants shrunk kotiammeessa :) immortalise the moment certainly worth anyway!

    Tugged fever is not really wanting to release the pressure, all the same whether the back of a week, a year or five. While waiting for the next trip, and I guess the danger of a trip to the Edge Self enough time ... Blue In Green albeit forgotten this trip, But at least one great reason to head back soon!