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I received a birthday present from Jan adultery. Itsepähän hoped, and "subtly" hinting for weeks ...

Ok, softened a little. It, therefore, Thierry Lasryn sunglasses model "Adultery", Finnish adultery. Dad, you can calculate the shotgun down.

Thierry Lasryä Finland sells Beam.


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  1. avatar Violet
    22.4.2012, 9:54


  2. avatar Inke
    23.4.2012, 14:15

    Violet is indeed the right word to describe these :)

  3. avatar synttäritunnelmat | issues
    23.4.2012, 23:12

    [...] Enjoyed already had hit her birthday on Saturday because of a business trip. Lahjalaseissa Ateljé Finneen - incidentally one [...]

  4. avatar Alisa
    25.4.2012, 12:00

    Now would be here in the jaw locks in down, just perfect sunglasses!

  5. avatar Inke
    26.4.2012, 9:44

    Alisa, oh yes! Funny but quite dramatic, quite classic but with a little twist. Shine now, goddamn it ... :)