What goddamn ...

16.12.2009, 22:04 pm | Written

No ei toiminut ei...

Great day, all in all.

Work through the city trip we got home we were able to say that about three years old iMac no longer be refused at all to start. A couple of hours on the phone with blogiapu-Akin drove desperate bloggers take the Metro to Ruoholahti and pick up the operating system update a tired masiinan to brighten up. It was not enough no, the problem is apparently hard disk. Tomorrow maintenance ...

Shocked by his friend's demise also home wireless network mysteriously stopped working, this is a post about saateltu hae iPhone Dongle using.

If we do not now, then the time of the above-specified reasons not update the blog, we can, however, consider switching to an analog blogging. You can even come here for us to look at the rock day you live, Inke can sing music recommendations, and of course we can also arrange city tours which we present to you my favorite shops offer face to face. Buukkaukset meiliin, thank you. Maybe they can still work computer to read ...

If someone friendly party wants sponssata one iMac computer, as well as one for the Christmas holiday trip preferably manufactured after 2005, working with your MacBook, promise to sell our souls and the post month alone technology.


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  1. avatar h
    17.12.2009, 10:13

    Oh no :( Now all potential sponsors really make themselves known to you that you can delight us with readers will continue for text!

  2. avatar May I Say
    17.12.2009, 11:42

    Hih, I could become happy Beats the personal blogisessioon: No

    Good luck expectation and a nice Christmas!

  3. avatar Lotu
    17.12.2009, 15:57

    Analog blog session sounds great! : D But, however, perhaps the blogs would be easier to follow this over the internet, so hopefully you will get the machine to work as soon as possible.

  4. avatar James
    17.12.2009, 19:33


    Disgusting notice such small matters and even points out the fact, but the first MacBook was published in the spring of 2006.
    iBook is probably this lovely little laptop you're looking for. This information will hopefully facilitate the search for the right machine!
    Merry Christmas :)

  5. avatar Inke
    17.12.2009, 19:50

    Hahaa James, here we are on the map - this one comment written in 2005 by purchasing - and still a working - iBook. Slow it certainly is, but ... Well, anyway, here no longer want iBook, but hopes were specifically manufactured after 2005 Mac laptop, or MacBook. Such a home today, then the lids.

    Glad you noticed a mistake, I had written the stomach accidentally current wanted laptops parent machine when the hopes, of course, was new and witty version: D Fiksaan.
    Merry Christmas there too :)

    h, I, May Say, Lotu - thanked tsempistä! iMac is now repairing and became evil finally a good reason to upgrade to a home laptop stand ... I wonder when raaskin jemmata your old sweetheart top cabinet to rest once and for all? Livebloggaus, however, still under consideration, even if the machines are working: D