return to the gray everyday life

07.05.2012, From 13:25 | Written by

Survive at home! The moment goes to the time difference to recover from, a little bit longer everyday life some time getting used to. But what this lamenting: Nykiin I always seem to get back to the city and meets all expectations deceived ever. And the holidays will certainly not be as much fun if it would make a living. (I am, however, quite ready to try this, if someone wants to provide a great opportunity for me.)

Everyday life, I decided to return to the smooth and gray. Denied pukemani rare yhteensävytetty outfit, however, was selected mainly on the accident: a) do not shaken, b) were clean. Harmonic greyness now, does not of itself is not a major surprise - the more amazing it would be if terribly blue-gray to my closet would end up in a random sample over the blatant joy checkered outfit ...

I bought a hoodie on the last morning, when I longed for wear something comfy. This is obviously the formula: last year I bought the second last morning of a similar hoodie dark blue, dark blue long-drawn and now I purchased the gray between. Now, I watched a little bit of wine red - see how next year goes. Hoodie (well, yeah, now there are two) rarely end up here in the blog side, though wonderful, I'd pull over on an almost daily aerobics or going to the home on the couch in warm. Harmajainen not, you are guaranteed not to stay in one of the flight as a friend.

First, dark blue, then gray formulas seems to have been repeated sorttia other than hupparihankinnoissani. Dark blue New Balance sneakers I bought a trip for a couple of gray. I found them on your own at a children's department, and I had to pay the whole 37 euros. Winner feeling! And maybe also a little robbed of the feeling, when I paid the first of them about saturaisen more, but the average price per pair this is now almost kohdillaan.

Others found the trip to this huge feast (mm. Bunches of scented candles, mint lozenges and hand soap) runnoin mother on her birthday saamaani Rimowan left the suitcase. It is guaranteed to be enough space, four wheels and it runs forward almost sheer power of thought. The difference between other economic suitcases is so great that I try is likely to take this compact 84-liter pikkuveskan every single viikonloppuretkellekin. It certainly does not have anything against it - now it pötköttää empty beside the bed and I can hear how it quietly kitisee and whines matkakuumettaan. The best thing to hide it as soon as the cabinet, otherwise this will turn on the trip ...

Zip Hoodie by American Apparel
Scarf Samuji
New Balance Sneakers

The top figure in addition to Jan's gray hoodie: Backpack Yuketen
Jacket Beams +

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9 comments »" return to the gray everyday life "

  1. avatar Nina
    7.5.2012, 13:35

    Rimowa. Best trip to the guy that money can buy. <3

  2. avatar Alisa
    7.5.2012, 13:42

    So that there may yet have their own New Balance is simple and fast, and al that those gray is a lovely !!

  3. avatar The Lord of the
    7.5.2012, 21:12

    Grey is sown so good!

  4. avatar Klaara
    8.5.2012, 17:19

    Nice! Does pry, that's what the new models are tossusi. I have hunted W576 to black for a long time, but so far not in its own koossani tärpännyt.

  5. avatar Inke
    8.5.2012, 22:17

    Nina, I sign! (Ok, a passport may have been even better but it does not count: D)

    Alisa, I know! Change'd like to no longer use any :)

    Lord, favorite color - as bleak as it sounds: D

    Klaara, thank you! Greys are 574, I guess it is the same model but the difference being that they are not täysmokkaa such as 576 I may be wrong, but it is being concluded with Jan ... What's your size? You've probably already been here, but who knows .. tärppäisi: :)

  6. avatar Klaara
    22.5.2012, 11:32

    Hello, I noticed a tourism due to the delay of this answer -Thank it! I myself was thinking that 574 looks very much the same as the Model 576 Good to have confirmation of faith in concluding. Eurokokoni 35-36, or with any luck, I might I find children's shoes department. Linking slippers are exactly what I've been looking, but seem to be in stock (still) end. In addition, New Balance's own online store in Britain can not be found in black. If only a few weeks to get to Copenhagen tärppäisi, or you have to do later in the summer gig in London.

  7. avatar Inke
    22.5.2012, 21:24

    Klaara, nothing more than a children's department, then! :) To Copenhagen New Balance was trading almost every boutique shop, so I think you'll find a welcome pair from there. If not, At least there nice trip to London known;)

  8. avatar Klaara
    25.5.2012, 19:55

    Yay! I can hardly wait to get to Copenhagen - I do not even alone due to tossutarjonnan. Thank you for your tips!

  9. avatar Inke
    29.5.2012, 18:55

    Klaara, I join yes I could go visit it! Good luck tossuostoksille :)

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